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Discriminating home owners demand superior results - unique and custom-designed interiors, finished with thoughtful insight and graceful detail.  By drawing on the rich heritage of decorative arts in 18th and 19th century Europe, painter Leonard Greco infuses contemporary custom homes with the elite style and elegance characteristic of that great tradition.  Timeless in principles of balance, proportion and detail, Greco's decorative ornamentation of Entry Halls, Murals, Tromp l'oeil, and Ceilings, imports the vibrant motifs of the Italian Renaissance, French Baroque and others, yet moves beyond formal application to embrace contemporary nuance.  By incorporating modern-day references and timely twists, his work ensures its relevance to current architectural aesthetics and its resonance with modern clients.  Decorative painting's colorful detail can soften and enrich the vast spaces of today's grand custom-built homes, achieving a truly original decor.

           Greco's creative method emphasizes close collaboration with every client, beginning with the initial consultation.  A keen observer of spatial dimension as well as human nature, Greco astutely reads both architectural elements and his client's sense of style - via decor and accouterments - to envision the best application for each interior.  Paintings incorporate and complement personal affects, as well as interweave personal interests through allegorical imagery.  References are kept subtle, to avoid any hint of kitsch, and grounded in the formal strength of period aesthetics.  The goal is an expressive, individualized product.
          For over 15 years Greco Decorative Painting has delighted customers throughout the Northeastern United States and Southern Florida.  Now based out of Los Angeles we intend to bring the same skill and level of service to the West Coast.  Thank you for taking the time to view our e-portfolio.  We hope these work samples will encourage you to contact us for an initial consultation, and we look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss how Greco Decorative Painting and Ornamental Design can be of service to you and your clients.
          Please contact us by phone or through the contact page on this website.